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Sustainable agriculture for the future

This catalog is the compendium of the sustainable agrosolutions that our company offers, and they are an example of the vocation of Biogreen Agroquímicos to innovate and help produce healthier food for the new environmentally friendly agriculture of the 21st century. Because we believe that agriculture is not a business, it is a way of understanding life. For this we offer agronomic developments specially adapted to the different phenological states of your crops and to the geographical and climatic conditions.


Biogreen Agroquímicos has its own research and development department made up of researchers with training in different branches of science. We are specialized in providing tools of high agronomic value to the needs of producers and markets. The purpose of our product design is a higher and better economic performance of your crops. We are manufacturers, so we can develop custom formulations.

Our Team

At Biogreen Agroquímicos we are committed to the success of our producers. In order to obtain optimal agronomic results, we recommend the use of our products under the advice of our technicians, for which we provide a highly specialized technical team. Request information about our fertilization programs!

Product families

Deficiency correctors

Formulations that guarantee a high availability and assimilation of nutrients by your crop. They come in a variety of options to meet any individual need or in balance with micronutrient blends.

Biostimulants, Amino Acids and Seaweed Extract

Biogreen Biostimulants activate physiological processes in the plant, making it more resistant, allowing it to recover from stressful situations. They are products designed for a fast and high availability energy supply, thus obtaining the maximum yields and quality of your crops.

Soil ameliorants, water conditioners and adjuvants

Formulations aimed at optimizing the physical-chemical and biological conditions of the microbiome,improving the quality of irrigation water, reducing problems that affect crop growth. We improve the structure of soils with salinity problems, helping them to restore balance and correct saline waters, making them suitable for irrigation. By combining Biogreen adjuvants with health treatments or foliar applications of nutrients or biostimulants, you will obtain the maximum assimilation and foliar adherence of the applications

Foliar NPK Fertilizers

Biogreen foliar fertilizers are products of high concentration and total solubility designed for foliar applications to obtain an immediate and efficient supply of macro and microelements. You can choose between different nutritional balances to correct deficiencies or improve the nutritional status of the crop.

Special nutrition and crop protection

Specific formulations that trigger an effect in each situation for the development of healthy and vigorouscrops.

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